a play of colors,prints and texture

Handcrafted with love 

“We believe in two things: the pursuit of quality in everything we do, and looking after one another.

We have taken joy from simplest of things around us, which otherwise were lost in life's nuances.

our love for colors

Why rang

We love playing with colors in our textiles and designs. So when we wanted to start a pret line, which was an extension of Swati Vijaivargie, we couldn't think of a better name to represent the labels ethos.

Our Pret Line may be new, but our motivation is plain and simple. It’s you. You, without a filter. You, confident and comfortable in your own skin. You, deeply in love. Your outfit should be an extension of that pure feeling, allowing you to show off your truest self. There are no extra layers or over-the-top frills, just elegant silhouettes that are made to elevate your natural beauty.

design philosophy

rang comes from layers and layers of beautiful thoughts and deep inspiration from our crafts and Indian ethos. Each outfit has an element pinned: colours, motifs, soul, society, architecture, nature, and heritage. These clothes are places for living.They facilitate being alive and free in your own little world.

Handcrafted with love

As luxuriously as they are crafted, the designs are meant to be effortlessly worn to everyday affairs, not tucked away preciously in the back of our cupboard. Women today are looking for a garment that loops in timelessness, nostalgia and newness, coupled with attention to details. As luxury is now becoming a lot more wider in its reach and more engaging with consumers, We know that even the smallest detail can make an unforgettable impact. That’s why there’s a "Rang" outfit for every occasion.