If you’re a fashion geek, enthusiast, aficionado or any sort of sartorial stake-holder at all, you would agree, like everything else this year, global fashion is also shifting. Keeping in tune with the world that we are inhabiting, fashion has also toned down.Our conversations have become more meaningful and we have taken joy from the simplest of things around us which otherwise were lost in life's nuances. A slow shift taking place everywhere! 

Out of crisis often comes optimism, and for us, at Swati Vijaivargie, this tumultuous period has been one of creative hope and innovation. Moving indoors, got us to look inwards and closer to our roots. While embracing the new around us, one thing always remained constant. Our love for comfort in fashion has always been one of the guiding sources of innovation. One can’t also deny the perceptible shift taking place in the way we dress. Whether it’s puttering at home, or attending a small intimate wedding, festivities or even lunch, women today is looking for a garment that loops in timelessness, nostalgia and newness coupled with attention to detail.  

Keeping up with the current times, we decided to move forward and the result was a new age label laced with old-world charm!  We are very excited to introduce you to our newest, freshest line which is a totally new side of us, one that you’ve definitely never seen before. The launch of our Pret line is more than just a new label,it marks a whole new chapter for us. It has been inspired by India and its great culture which has been the biggest source of inspiration to us over the years”.

The pret line is an extension of our design philosophy. It’s sentimental yet modern conglomeration of designs, representing our loose amorphous silhouettes, breathable and flexible enough to shift meanings as time passes by. Each outfit has an element pinned: colours, motifs, soul, society, architecture, nature, and heritage. These clothes are places for living, they facilitate being alive and free in your own little corner of the world.

We dedicate this line to the woman, whose style is more timeless than trendy. She’s effortless and still modern. The one who appreciates simplicity, but knows that even the smallest detail can make an unforgettable impact. That’s why there’s a  rang-swativijaivargie outfit for every occasion. Our Pret Line may be new, but our motivation is plain and simple. It’s you. You, without a filter.You, confident and comfortable in your own skin.You, deeply in love. Your outfit should be an extension of that pure feeling, allowing you to show off your truest self. There are no extra layers or over-the-top frills, just elegant silhouettes that are made to elevate your natural beauty.