India, with her rich and colourful heritage in terms of textiles, weaves, culture and architecture has served as inspiration to us for decades. From the opulent fashions of the maharajas to the perceived oriental exoticism of this land and from the colonists view of the Raj to the traveller’s experience of its vivid colours — As they say, beauty is in the beholder’s eye.

While it is impossible to encapsulate a country as vast and culturally diverse as India, there is a tie that binds, weaving from the pink-tinged architecture of Jaipur to the shimmering Golden City of Jaisalmer. Color—in rich, vibrant hues defines every aspect of life in India. 


Drawn to its unique colour wheel and especially intrigued how the same hues seem to echo throughout the country. We were inspired !! How fuchsia matches the vibrant chains of rose offerings at the mandir. Burnt orange towers of spices in the marketplace are reflected in baskets of marigolds lining flower stalls. A field of dyed indigo fabric drying in the desert heat resonates with the brightly painted blue buildings of Jodhpur. Colour and pattern exist in a symbiotic relationship. 

And as we dug deeper through our cultural lenses, our story was born. This journey that we are on gave birth to :  rang-swativijaivargie